Frequently Asked Questions

What brine flavors do you offer?

We offer a variety of brine flavors, but we may only have certain flavors in stock for our already smoked fish at the store. If you would like your fish custom brined and smoked, we offer that service for customers. Some flavors include soy sauce, garlic, salt and brown sugar, etc.

Can I reserve fish?

If you shop on our online store and select in-store pickup you can pay for your fish and it will be set aside for you in our store. Orders will be held for 30 days before being resold.

What shipping companies do you use?

We prefer UPS but we also offer FedEx, Alaska Air Cargo, and a couple other options depending on destination, and we also do overnight shipping. We can also help package your fish as luggage for the airplane, keeping total weight at 50 pounds or less. KFS can also ship nonperishables and most other items.

Do I need to order online? 

No. You can purchase in person at our store located at 328B Shelikof St. right here in Kodiak (across the street from the harbor).

Can you process and/or smoke my sport-caught fish?

Yes. While we only sell smoked fish that we bought from permitted fishing vessels in the store, we can offer custom processing and/or brining, and smoking as a service if you bring your own fish. We also offer vacuum packing, blast freezing, and labeling with custom orders.

If KFS picks up my fish or I bring my fish in to be custom processed or smoked, is the fish I bring in the fish I'm taking home?

Yes!!! We are not legally allowed to do anything with sport, charter, or subsistence caught fish other than custom process or smoke it for you. Therefore what you bring in IS what you take home. If you leave it behind without prior arrangements such as shipping, it will be donated to a local shelter. We cannot sell seafood that hasn't been purchased by a fish ticket with a permitted vessel or from another processing plant.

Do you add any additives or preservatives to your products?

No. Our products fresh, frozen, and smoked are all preservative free. In our smoking brines, we use natural ingredients with a low-sodium soy sauce and will be switching to gluten-free soy sauce soon. Our fresh and frozen fillets are rinsed lightly in fresh water and packaged afterwards.

Any of your seafood farm raised?

NO! All the seafood we carry is wild caught in the pristine waters of the Gulf of Alaska or the Bering Sea. Fished in sustainable fisheries, our seafood is taken care of mainly by smaller fishing vessels that care about quality. Our prices might be higher, but we build good relationships with our fishermen offering them a premium for their glorious catch!

How do I contact KFS about selling commercially-caught fish?

If you are interested in selling seafood through Kodiak Fresh Seafood, please give us a call at 907-942-9026 during business hours or fill out the contact form below and leave your phone number.

Do you process wild game?

As of now we only process seafood. We will be more than happy to help ship your wild game, hides, and antlers, but for the time being we do seafood processing only.

Do you offer fresh, never frozen, fish?

Yes! Please contact us by email or telephone and we can work on getting you some fresh seafood delivered to your door from one of our next deliveries! Keep in mind seafood prices do fluctuate, but we can ship gutted fish all the way down to some cute little portions. Drop us a line and let us help you reel in your Alaskan seafood needs.